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Luxury Beachfront Villa

18 Malibu, CA

For Sale

$ 6,490


Lot area

: 900 sqft


: 4 beds


: 4 baths


: 12 rooms


: $ 6,490


: For sale


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My wife and I have been dealing with Bangoonan for over 18 months, and they are outstanding. Cooperative and understanding, as well as very efficient.
Marc Pillay
Bangoonan is a pioneer and trusted company in the Real Estate sector in Bahrain and I’m happy to have had their assistance.
Shifaath Shariff
Bangoonan is a reliable and professional Real Estate Company. We’ve worked with Ms. Miro Dole and she has assisted my family extensively.
Ifhaam I.
Bangoonan has been one of the most helpful agencies to work with! They manage our brand new store & honestly they’ve been remarkable!
Shahid Ahmed

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